Day Right Quote #17: Our Lives Are Defined by Opportunities; Even The Ones We Miss.

I remember when screenwriter Eric Roth spoke at Maui Writers Conference. He was as eloquent then (he'd written the #screenplay for Snow Falling on Cedars) as he is now with this line he wrote for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, "Our lives are defined by opportunities; even the ones we miss."

Have you been presented with an opportunity?

Are you on the fence? Don't play it safe. Take the bolder of the options.

We are here to embrace opportunities, not to miss them.

eric roth - our lives are defined by opportunities

Day Right Quote #9: Life is a Window of Opportunity

Life is a window of opportunity. Have you ever thought of it that way?

We are here for a certain amount of time.

Are you taking advantage of your precious window of opportunity to pursue your dreams, connect with loved ones, do what makes you happy?

Henry Miller said, "Life is, for most of us, one long postponement."

What is something you're postponing?

How will you start that, do that, bring more of that into your life THIS WEEK instead of putting it off?

Life is a window of opportunity