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Day Right Quote #17: Our Lives Are Defined by Opportunities; Even The Ones We Miss.

I remember when screenwriter Eric Roth spoke at Maui Writers Conference. He was as eloquent then (he'd written the #screenplay for Snow Falling on Cedars) as he is now with this line he wrote for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, "Our lives are defined by opportunities; even the ones we miss."

Have you been presented with an opportunity?

Are you on the fence? Don't play it safe. Take the bolder of the options.

We are here to embrace opportunities, not to miss them.

eric roth - our lives are defined by opportunities

Day Right Quote #15: The Phrase "I DON'T KNOW" Is Small, But Flies on Mighty Wings

This quote from Nobel Prize winner Wislawa Symborska,"The little phrase 'I DON'T KNOW' is small, but flies on mighty wings" is from Maria Popova's excellent online newsletter Brain Pickings. Brain Pickings has been called a "literary LEGO treasure chest" of thought-provoking insights on how to lead a meaningful life.

Last week's issue was about the importance of NOT KNOWING and how embracing uncertainty is one of the secrets to an intriguing #life.

Every week Maria shares "rising tide raising all humans" essays and profound quotes that help us live a right life. Well worth reading and subscribing.

hummingbird i don't know

Day Right Quote #14: Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Are you happy with your current life? Satisfied with your relationships, health, finances and career? Congrats! If there are things that are not yet the way you want them to be, the answer is simple.

Do things differently. Old ways won't open new doors.

Select one area of your life you want to improve.

What is one thing you can start doing or stop doing today that is different than your norm?

How will you change things up by NOT doing things the way you always have?

Dulce Ruby said, "Just like the moon; we go through different phases."

What a new phase? Try some new ways. old ways - day right 14

Day Right Quote #13: When I Die, I Want to Come Back as ME

A reporter asked Shark Tank investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, "When you die, who do you want to come back as?" Guess what he said?


Who would you want to come back as ... and why?

mark cuban