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Clients also appreciate that Sam customizes her presentations so they're relevant, motivating and useful for your group.  


Speaking Topics Include:

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SHORTCUTS to Successful Communication

Did you know the World Economic Forum published startling research stating that "Nearly ALL JOB GROWTH since 1980 has been in occupations that are relatively social-skill intensive."

We can be good at what we do, but if we can’t communicate clearly, confidently and respectfully - if we don’t have good “people skills” - we may not do as well in the work world as we deserve.

Discover why LinkedIn hired Sam to deliver a course called “Preparing for Successful Communication” that has been used by Amazon, IBM, Accenture and the U.S. Army to train their employees in Sam’s techniques on spoken, written and online communication.

You will hear insights you haven’t heard before you can instantly use to say what you mean - the first time - so people get it, remember it, relate to it and are motiated to act on it.

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POP! How To Stand Out

“Blending in is for Cuisinarts.” - Sam Horn

Want to know how to stand out from the crowd?

Sam has developed brilliant branding, positioning and messaging techniques that can help you clarify your “secret sauce” - your one-of-a-kind competitive edge - so you break out instead of blend in.

Talent isn’t enough. Quality isn’t enough. Unless you can clearly and quickly get across why YOU’RE the one to hire, fund, recommend or do business with … clients, investors and employers will go elsewhere.

You’ll love Sam’s humor, real-life success stories, original approaches and actionable insights. Discover why Ken Blanchard, Keith Ferrazzi, and Seth Godin endorsed her POP! book saying, “Words matter. Every one of them. This book will change the way you use them.”

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Tongue Fu! How To Deal With Difficult People Without Becoming One Yourself

Like to know what to say - when you don't know what to say?

It’s ironic, isn’t it? We’re taught math, science and history in school, but we’re not taught what to say or do when people are being unfair, unkind or inappropriate.

The good news is, you can learn how to keep your cool - even when other people aren’t. You can learn how to respond diplomatically when people are complaining, blaming, bullying, teasing or accusing you of things that aren’t true.

Tongue Fu! has benn published in 17 languages and taught to hundreds of organizations worldwide including YPO, U.S. Embassy in London, NASA, Boeing, the Asia Leadership Conference, ASAE, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Four Seasons Resorts, NASA, Capital One and State of Hawaii, It is almost always the highest-rated session at every conference at which it’s presented because of its instantly useful tips that can improve relationships on and off the job..

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People Can’t Jump On Your Wagon If It’s Parked in the Garage

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

Is there something you want to launch, change or do, but doubts and fears are creeping in? Or, are you waiting until you've done more research, mapped out your plan?

Do you know waiting until you get your ducks in a row is a prescription for regret? The longer you wait, the less likely it is you'll initiate.

Circumstances change, opportunities fade, and your good intentions and dreams fall by the wayside because you didn't ACT when the thought was hot.

In this humorous keynote, Sam shares real-life examples of individuals of all ages who got their bandwagon out of the garage so other people could jump on it and give them the encouragement, clarity and contacts they needed to succeed - and how you can too.

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Confused People Don’t BUY

Quick. What do you say when someone asks,

* What do you do?

* How does this work?

* Why should we hire you, fund you, buy this, or work with you?

Do you have a crystal clear answer that gets people's interest?

If so, good for you. If not, join the club.

It can be difficult to quickly and clearly get across what you do so people "get" it and want it.

Discover why this session received raves at SXSW and INC 50/5000 and why these original approaches have helped Sam’s clients craft winning pitches, keynotes, sales presentations, and proposals.

You’ll also discover why NOT to give an elevator SPEECH - and what to do instead that leads to meaningful conversations and connections.

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SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week

“My parents always told me I wouldn’t amount to anything because I procrastinated so much. I told them, ‘Just you wait.” - Judy Tenuta

In this inspiring keynote, Sam shares adventures from her Year by the Water, guides you through the Happiness Box quiz, and asks a series of questions that can help you get crystal clear on WHY you’re here.

Once you’ve clarified what matters, you’ll discover ways to overcome procrastination so you’re motivated to act on what’s important now not later. After all, NOW is the new LATER.

Features insights from Sam's new book that was featured in 800 CEO Reads, Harvard Business Review Ascend, Marketplace, on #1 rated Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, and recommended by Library Journal.


Preparing for Successful Communication

Many people tell us Sam's LinkedIn course is the best communication course they've ever taken

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What They’re Saying


Sam is one of the best in the business. She is known for her ability to introduce ideas smart professionals haven’t heard before they can immediately apply to their situations.
— Ruth Stergiou, (Founder/CEO, Invent Your Future Conference in Silicon Valley, CA)

We got rave reviews. Having you as our closing keynoter was like smooth chocolate sauce on fine ice cream.
— Marianne DeCosta, Builders, Owners and Managers Association

My staff thoroughly enjoyed your excellent presentation.

Compliments included, “By far the most informative communications class I’ve ever attended. Ms. Horn is a dynamic speaker who captures the audience and emphasizes practical subject matter.
— T.J. Concannon, Commanding Officer, MEPS, U.S. Navy

Thank you for your wisdom, dedication and emcee talents in helping us pull off this amazing event. Your SerenDestiny talk was inspiring and you are BRILLIANT.
— Eileen Spillane, TEDx-NASA
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