Clients who book inspirational keynote speaker and best selling author Sam Horn benefit from a memorable, educational experience.

Clients also appreciate that Sam customizes her presentations so they're relevant, motivating and useful for your group.  


Speaking Topics Include:


What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

Quick: What do you say when people ask, "What do you do?" Does your response motivate people to say "Tell me more"?

You'll walk out of this inspiring, interactive session with a crystal clear elevator speech that opens doors, makes friends, drives referrals and closes deals.


Stand Out

Do you have a winning competitive edge?

Create a one-of-a-kind positioning, messaging and marketing for your idea, business, project, cause or career so that you are the #1 choice of clients. Based on Sam's award-winning book POP!


Respectful Communications

Would you like to know what to say - when you don't know what to say?

Discover how to think on your feet and respond when someone's rude, angry, unfair, unkind or inappropriate. Based on Sam's global bestseller Tongue Fu!



It’s not enough to Lean In: you must Step Up if you want to get seen and heard.

Inspiring success stories and insights on how to contribute at the level you're capable of. Based on Sam's popular Huff Post article.


Focus Pocus

Ever feel distracted, scattered or overwhelmed?

The good news is, concentration is a SKILL anyone can get better at. Discover how to focus when you don't feel like it. Based on Sam's book ConZentrate which Stephen Covey called "Fascinating, thought-provoking and motivating."


SOMEDAY is not a Day in the Week

Are you a procrastinator?

Are you putting off important projects, goals, priorities? This inspiring keynote helps you identify what is important and motivates you to do it now, not someday.

Based on Sam's book that NY Times Bestselling author Geneen Roth called "joyful."

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What They’re Saying


Sam is one of the best in the business. She is known for her ability to introduce ideas smart professionals haven’t heard before they can immediately apply to their situations.
— Ruth Stergiou, (Founder/CEO, Invent Your Future Conference in Silicon Valley, CA)

We got rave reviews. Having you as our closing keynoter was like smooth chocolate sauce on fine ice cream.
— Marianne DeCosta, Builders, Owners and Managers Association

My staff thoroughly enjoyed your excellent presentation.

Compliments included, “By far the most informative communications class I’ve ever attended. Ms. Horn is a dynamic speaker who captures the audience and emphasizes practical subject matter.
— T.J. Concannon, Commanding Officer, MEPS, U.S. Navy

Thank you for your wisdom, dedication and emcee talents in helping us pull off this amazing event. Your SerenDestiny talk was inspiring and you are BRILLIANT.
— Eileen Spillane, TEDx-NASA
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