Focus Pocus


“Sam Horn captures and holds an audience’s attention by delivering immediately actionable advise on how to intrigue people, gain their interest and get their buy-in… People sat on the edge of their chairs listening and absorbing Sam’s suggestions.”

  • Jack K. Gelman, Group Chairman of Vistage International, Inc


We all wish we could concentrate better … but until Sam wrote her seminal book, no one had taught us how.  

For over 20 years, Sam has shared her original step-by-step techniques for how to focus and maintain attention around the world including at the University of Hawaii, San Francisco State University, UCLA, for the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Force, and to major associations including American Bankers Association and Associated General Contractors of America.

Bestselling author Dr. Stephen Covey was so impressed with Sam’s book on concentration;  he gave the cover endorsement and called it “Thought-provoking, motivating” and highly recommended it.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all you have to do; you’ll love this session that teaches how to focus when it seems everyone wants your attention and everything needs to be done now.  

Sam’s original techniques transcend time-management. They show how to facilitate focus and flow.

They can be used in a busy office, when preparing for and taking an exam, when being pulled five directions at once, when trying to overcome a habit of procrastination, even what playing sports.

In fact, tennis superstar Billie Jean King praised Sam’s techniques as being a “practical guide to gaining a mental edge so you can fulfill your potential and perform your best.”

And yes, Sam’s suggestions are helpful for people who are struggling with A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.  Topic expert Edward Hallowell, M.D. author of Driven to Distraction, says Sam’s work is a “gem that is full of imagination and energy … that it will entertain and enrich people.”

Bring your concentration challenges to the session.  Sam loves questions and will gladly share how you can “make your mind, mind” so you improve your performance, productivity … and peace of mind.