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Day Right Quote #25: What We Accept, We Teach

I had an opportunity to share this insight "What we accept, we teach" in a "Never Be Bullied Again" webinar I gave for CAI - #Community #Associations #Institute yesterday that had 400 participants from around the country. I was talking about bullies and how we've been taught to "turn the other cheek" and tip toe around them so we "don't make things worse."

THAT makes things worse because SILENCE SANCTIONS.

Are you dealing with someone who takes the light out of your eyes? Someone who persistently steals your spirit or tries to make you feel bad, wrong or small? Someone who is doing their best to BLOCK your SerenDestiny because it's a threat to them?

Take this quiz to see if you're dealing with a 5%er - a bully who wants to CONTROL (not to cooperate) - who wants TO win (not a win-win) -- who wants you in THEIR power.


what we accept, we teach.