Day Right Quote #43: Being a Good Writer is 20% Hard Work and 80% Not Getting Distracted by the Internet

I laughed out loud at the irony of reading this quote online - "Being a good writer is 20% hard work and 80% not getting distracted by the Internet" - while I was supposed to be working on my book. Thanks for calling me out, Internet.

These days, the key to being a good ANYTHING is 20% paying attention to what really matters and working towards it - and 80% not getting distracted by the Internet.

That includes being a good parent, being a good boss, being a good entrepreneur, being a good person, and yes being a good artist.

It's important to ask ourselves, "Will this matter in the long run? What will?" and that we focus on that instead of on clickbait.

Chase meaning, not clicks.

So, it's back to writing for me.

How about you? What are you going to return your attention to and work towards that matters more than this?

being a good writer

Day Right Quote #41: It Will Never Be Ready

Have you been working on a project for a long time - and it's not better, it's just different? Chances are you're second-guessing yourself ... and the critical voice kills the creative voice.

Or, chances are you're trying to get it perfect.

It will never be perfect. Our bestselling authors at the Maui Writers Conference didn't agree about much (one would say, "You HAVE to work with an outline" and the next would say, "I NEVER work with an outline.")

They did agree on two things. "Ink it when you think it" and they would STILL be working on their manuscripts if it weren't for their publisher's deadline.

Understand this. Your work will NEVER be ready.

But it's not doing anyone any good sitting on your computer.

Stop waiting until it's right. Stop trying to get it right. The right time is NOW.

There is no present like the time - and no time like the present - to get your work out of your head, into the world and into people's hands.

P.S. And if you'd like another way to get back into the "flow of thinks," click here.

it will never be ready