Day Right Quote #49: The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen

When my sons headed off to college, (Yay Virginia Tech), we had 'dah talk." You know the one I'm talking about; where you try to distill everything you've learned into a couple pieces of advice?

One of the "What I know for sure's" I shared with Tom and Andrew was, "If you're ever frustrated sad, confused or in need of a pick-me-up, get out in Mother Nature.

She will fill you with perspective and remind you of what's right in the world."

I was in an exploratory mood yesterday so Googled "park near me?" Minutes later, she directed me to this incredibly inspiring Twin Lakes walking trail. Isn't it glorious?

William Shakespeare was right.

The earth does have music for those who listen and see and appreciate her abundance.

I am in harmony every single time I'm fortunate enough to be in her presence. How about you?

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