Forbes: Now That I Have Your Attention: A 5 Minute Lesson On How To Pitch Like A Pro

Here’s a subject that has my attention. The new book Got Your Attention? by communicator Sam Horn, the messaging/branding expert who heads The Intrigue Agency, gives readers a snappy and entertaining look at the easy ways every person--from teen to senior executive--can learn to present like a pro.

The book is a fast read with quick hints on communication scenarios ranging from turning a “no” to a “yes,” to winning an investment, psyching yourself up, not out, and learning to make an instant connection with your audience that results in a continued relationship (and more often than not, will also result in a sale).

So how much time do you really have to get an audience or investor’s attention? Less than an elevator speech, Horn maintains. Less than 60 seconds, in fact. Here’s the shocker: in her book (and in her TEDx Talk) Horn notes that in the age of “INFObesity” a goldfish has a longer attention span, at nine seconds, than the average human adult, at just eight.

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