For even the most seasoned professionals, mastering the finer points of communication can be a challenge.

How do you establish your credentials without bragging? How can you organize complex ideas so they're easy to follow and remember? How can you think on your feet and respond to unfair or unkind remarks? The good news is: crystal clear, concise communication is a skill anyone can learn.

In this course, Sam Horn—CEO of the Intrigue Agency—shares innovative strategies for communicating with confidence, whether you're presenting at a conference, speaking up at a meeting, seeking funding, or making a request of a boss, board, client, or colleague.

Learn immediately useful tips that can help you personalize content, craft business stories that are interesting and actionable, connect with audiences of five or five hundred, and exude a powerful executive presence that commands attention and respect whenever you speak.

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preparing for successful communication:

a one hour video course, via LinkedIn Learning.


Course Overview: