What’s the Funniest Super Bowl Ad?

Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year.

I’ll be watching, along with an estimated 90 million (!) people around the world.

As always, I’ll pick out the ads that POP! out.

The funniest, most memorable, most strategic.

Submit your choices on Sunday, then check back on Monday and I’ll have my top 3 ads plus your favorites.

Remember, POP! stands for Purposeful, Original and Pithy — so my criteria will include which ad will best drive business for its sponsoring company AND which ad everyone’s talking about.

Buzz is the holy grail of ads. Why? When people talk about YOUR ad around the water cooler and at Starbucks, they’re acting as word of mouth ambassadors and spreading your product’s message for you. You’re getting more bang for your marketing buck.

See you Monday.

  1. Sam, what a great opportunity to point out the importance of branding. I know that many people talk about how great different commercials are, compared to others… but my question is how companies actually profit? We talk entertainment, but what about money?

    Another question – are people watching the ads because of the Superbowl… or would more people watch TV day-to-day if the amount of creative effort that went into SB ads, was invested year-round. Thoughts.

    Anyway, I didn’t watch the SuperBowl because I had other priorities tonight, but I look forward to seeing everyone else’s thoughts!!

  2. My favorite ad was the dalmation spending a year training the horse to become one of the Budweiser Clydesdales. The Budweiser Clydesdales ads are usually my favorite ads – and I particularly liked this one because it re-established the loyalty factor for the dalmation. After Bud Light’s commercial showing the dalmations “jumping ship,” I enjoyed the balancing of bringing the dalmation back into the “family.”

    Sam’s blogs are enjoyable and informative – and I always enjoy her take on the Super Bowl ads – so can’t wait to see the next blog!

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