What The Washington Post has to Say About Sam Horn

Sam Horn POP! in the black hat

Sam Horn 'lady in the black hat'

What a pleasure it was being interviewed by Elizabeth Chang in last week’s Making It column in the Sunday magazine of the May 17th Washington Post.

Elizabeth titled the article Author Profits with Perfect Pitch and started off with “Sam Horn is an expert at getting noticed, professionally and personally. The author, speaker and consultant, whose latest book is about naming and pitching products, always wears a black hat, so people can easily spot her at crowded conventions.”

Elizabeth’s right. People at conferences often come up to me and say, “There you are! I’m writing a book and so-and-so told me I had to talk to the ‘lady in the black hat.'”

Since the point of POP! is to stand out in your crowd (vs. get lost in your crowd), it’s nice to know I’m practicing what I’m preaching.

Elizabeth went on to chronicle the inspiration for POP! which resulted from watching authors’ inability to compellingly pitch their projects to publishing decision-makers at the Maui Writers Conference.

“The agents’ and editors’ eyes would glaze over and they would talk themselves out of a deal,” Sam recalls. “She decided she could create a stystem for coming up with a pitch, title and tag line without ‘spending a lot of money, having an MBA or sitting around and hoping creative lightnig will strike.”

The article ends with my heartfelt sentiments about my work, “I feel incredibly fortunate. Every day, I get to work with people who thrill me and help them crystallize what they have to offer.”

Thanks Elizabeth for capturing how fortunate I feel to help people get their quality book out of their head and into the world so it can make a positive difference for others and a prosperous living for them.

I’m heading to Book Expo in New York to celebrate 5 clients who have books coming out this month from major publishers and to pitch several projects-in-progress.

visit www.SamHorn.com for my June newsletter which will showcase those books, and check back for my next blog post where I’ll share best-practice tips from my Ask an Expert presentation for IBPA’s Publishing University on Tuesday.

  1. Sam,

    What a great write up and picture of you in the Washington Post! Congratulations! As a beneficiary of your great advice over the years, I certainly recommend that people sit up and take notice here. Don’t be shy about pointing your readers to the piece. Here’s the link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/08/AR2009050802425.html

  2. Thanks Marilynn for providing that link. One of the many positive things that have happened as a result of that great Wash Post article is hearing from people like you who were kind enough to get in touch to let me know they saw the article.

    An unexpected bonus was hearing from people I knew in DC (ahem) 25 years ago. I’ve also gotten quite a few speaking engagements and new consulting clients — so I’m a happy camper.

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