What Are Your Nominations for the 2009 POP! Hall of Fame?

One of my favorite things to do at the end of every year is to comprise Top Ten lists.

I created the POP! Hall of Fame to celebrate ideas, events, individuals and organizations that POP! out each year . . . for all the right reasons.

Previous winners include:

* Snuba (A new industry was created with this “had us at hello” name for a sport that’s half snorkel – half scuba )

* Yappy Hour (a first-of-its-kind pet-working opportunity for dogs and their owners helped this Holiday Inn in Alexandria, VA gererate buzz and profits )

* Weeding by Example (13-year old Jack McShane’s campaign to clean up New Orleans’ City Park following Katrina received national media attention because of its attention-grabbing, smile-inducing name)

* Diabesity (Dr. Francine Kaufman positioned herself as the go-to topic expert by naming this cultural phenomenon)

* Java Jacket (Jay Sorenson turned a “cardboard insulating sleeve” into a multi-million dollar business with this fun-to-say, easy-to-remember name)

What idea, brand, business name, marketing slogan, ad campaign or non-profit motto got your attention this year . . . for all the right reasons?

Submit your nominations here on the blog or directly to us at Sam@SamHorn.com by Dec. 21.

If your recommendation makes our list, you get an autographed copy of POP! And just for taking the time to submit a suggestion, we’ll send you the 2009 list when it’s ready.

  1. I like Metal Morphosis. Kaycee Binns is an artist who makes all kinds of keepsakes from various metals. They take different shapes to become charms, sugar bowls, measuring spoons, and so forth. See http://www.metalmorphosisinc.com/category-s/6042.htm

  2. Thanks Marilynn for suggesting Metal Morphosis. Consider it added to the list of nominees. You’re always a fount of great POP! material and I appreciate it.

  3. I like the children’s book The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley by Colin Thompson. I have used it with adults as a closing for a workshop called Finding Balance in Off-Balance Times and even 45 Chartered Accountants, who probably haven’t had children’s book read to them for many years, were ‘kidnapped’. The message is meaningful and resonates with all.

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