Weekend Retreats

Sam’s Weekend Retreats

“Remember; we’re all in this .. alone.”  – Lilly Tomlin

Do you feel that way sometimes?

That you have to make all your decisions on your own?

That all day, every day, it’s up to you to figure out how to drive business, get new clients, solve problems, make money, deal with challenges, maintain a competitive edge and stay motivated?

Are you so close to your own work and career, you can’t see them clearly anymore?

Do you ever run out of energy and wish there was someone advising you, encouraging you?

What if you had an opportunity to brainstorm/strategize your most pressing issues and priority projects with a group of smart, talented peers who had your back … and your front?

If that sounds good, join us!

Image of a Weekend Retreat with Sam

Many previous participants have told us that the retreat catalyzed and kick-started rewarding relationships, increased revenue and real-world results that never would have happened otherwise.

For example our retreaters have:

  • landed a 5 figure book contract with Jossey-Bass for a book developed in our retreat that is now getting endorsements from Chip Conley & Robin Chase (founder of Zip Car).
  • connected with a videographer and a TEDx organizer who arranged for an interview with a local newspaper and a NASA historian for her project.
  • connected with a successful corporate speaker who hired her to deliver paid speaking engagements around the country for her Fortune 500 client.



For more information on Sam’s Weekend Retreats please contact:

Scott Ritter
(347) 831-4494

And for more details about Sam’s current retreat schedules please visit our calendar, here.

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