Sam Horn: Author – Speaker – Executive Coach

Sam Horn is the Intrigue Expert, a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker, communications strategist, and executive coach who has trained the world’s top entrepreneurs (e.g. EO, YPO, TLC) and executives (e.g. Intel, Cisco, Boeing) how to communicate more clearly, compellingly and convincingly.

Her pioneering POP! book, endorsed by Seth Godin, Ken Blanchard, Mark Sanborn and marketing guru Jeffrey Gitomer (who calls it “a rocket ship to your success,”) introduces an innovative step-by-step system for creating first-of-their-kind titles, taglines, pitches, brand messages, positioning and marketing copy that get your products and services noticed, remembered and bought.

Sam’s expertise is frequently featured in major media outlets including the New York Times, BusinessWeek and FastCompany. MSNBC said, “Sam, you were the perfect guest to have on our elevator pitch segment.”

Sam Horn has presented to more than a half million people worldwide (i.e., London, Geneva, Amsterdam, Dublin, Toronto, Berlin), was twice the top-ranked speaker for the International Platform Association, and a top-ranked speaker at the 2008 INC 500/5000 convention (with Jim Collins, Tom Peters and Tim Ferriss).

She’s served as Pitch Coach for the USA Today Perfect Pitch and British Airways Face2Face competitions, and for Springboard Enterprises – which has helped entrepreneurs receive $6.2 billion in funding.

She is the former Executive Director and Emcee of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference (1992-2009) and has helped hundreds of people (i.e., Charlie Pellerin, Project Manager of the Hubble Telescope) crystallize their message into quality 5C books that scaled their influence, impact and income.

Sam is known for originating first-of-their-kind, evolutionary methodologies in the communications field.  Examples include:

  • POP! (Perigee-Penguin) Endorsed by Ken Blanchard and Seth Godin who says, “One-third of the way through this book, you’ll be begging to hire Sam Horn as your consultant.”
  •  Tongue Fu!® (St. Martins Press) “A lively, positive guide that can be returned to again and again.” – Library Journal   “A gold mine for anyone who deals with the public.” – Exec. Summaries
  • ConZentrate (St. Martins Press “Fascinating, thought-provoking.” – Dr. Stephen Covey  “Horn successfully shows readers how to sharpen their minds.” – Publishers Weekly
  • What’s Holding You Back? (St. Martins Press) “A must-read for anyone who wants to be more polished, poised, powerful.” – Jack Canfield “A fountain of wisdom.” – Rabbi Harold Kushner
  • Take the Bully by the Horns (St. Martins Press) “The perfect guide on how to face those who intimidate and manipulate you – without sacrificing your integrity.” – Dave Pelzer
  • Got Your Attentin? Create Intrigue and Connect With Anyone (Berrett-Kohler, 2014) Based on Sam’s TEDx talk and her innovative Eyebrow Test methodology for winning buy-in.
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