That’s Intriguing #81: What are the 3 Best Ways to POP! My Job Search? Part III

In today’s challenging times, with millions of people out of work, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and capture the favorable interest of recruiters and potential employers.

You may be thinking, “Easier said than done.”

The good news is, there ARE innovative ways to POP! of the pack.

Here are three steps you can take to showcase your strengths in a job interview and produce attention-grabbing resumes that get noticed and maybe even get you (or your client, friend or family member) hired!

Tip 1. Don’t Make the Resume About You

“Enough about me. What do YOU think about me?” – Bette Midler’s character in the movie “Wings”
A resume needs to be about what the potential employer needs, not what you want.

Focus on how you can fulfill their job requirements and produce tangible results.
Otherwise, a resume is like a one-sided conversation. “This is what I’ve done. This is what I want. Here are my achievements, my positions, my educational background, my hobbies.” Me … me, … me.

This is a golden opportunity to be different.

Instead of following the standard format with a chronological laundry list of jobs – why not feature specific needs mentioned in the job description and pithily point out how you have already successfully fulfilled each of them?

For example, one of my consulting clients was applying for a position in which she’d be the Executive Director of an association.


She knew they were looking for someone who could increase membership, improve the quality of monthly and annual programs and ramp up their website presence and e-commerce efforts.

Instead of boringly listing the positions she’s held over the last 30 years – many of which didn’t even pertain to association management – she highlighted the following:
Increase membership:

As President of the Northern California chapter of (her professional association,) we increased membership form 140 to 230 professional members in the first six months, and initiated an affiliate-vendor membership drive which added an additional 75 new members (and $150,000 in annual revenue).

Improve quality of monthly programs and annual conference:

As Convention Chair for (her industry association), we acquired 5 corporate sponsors to pay for our opening, closing, and luncheon presentations which allowed us to book nationally known keynoters for the first time in the history of our organization which resulted in 60% more registrations than the previous year and an additional $145,000 net profit (and an unprecedented 4.7 out of 5 approval rating from attendees.)

Upgrade Website and E-commerce:

As President of the Northern California chapter (of her professional association), pioneered a bartering effort to partner with the #1 internet marketing expert in the country to SEO (search-engine-optimize) our content for FREE (which included identifying and saturating our site with key words to bring us up higher in Google rankings).

This resulted in a 300% increase in site-visits within 3 months following installation, an additional 1200 people added to our database (obtained with opt-in after requesting a free article), and a 245% increase in sales of e-books, tele-seminars and webinars produced/donated by association members.

Imagine you’re a HR Director plowing through the U.P.O’s (Unidentified Piled Objects) on your desk … and came across this resume that proved how this applicant had already successfully done exactly what you were looking for.

Wouldn’t you be sufficiently impressed to bring her in for an interview?

That’s exactly what happened – and guess who got the job?

Check the next two blogs for the next steps in this series.


And if you find these steps helpful – you are welcome to share them with your job board or career search support group. Hope they help you land the job of your dreams.

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