That’s Intriguing #5: Is Your Resolution to Finish Writing Your Book This Year?

“If you wait to write your book, you’re a waiter, not a writer.” – Dan Poynter

As the 17-time Emcee of the Maui-Hawaii Writers Conference, I’ve met many people who say THIS is the year I get my book finished — and then life intervenes, their best intentions fade away and it never happens.

Want to know one way to keep your resolution to finish your book this year?

Craft a book cover and post it on your refrigerator where you’ll see it several times every day.

Put your ideal endorsement from a well-known thought-leader on the upper right hand corner of the cover.

Draw the title of your book in HUGE letters so you can see it from across the room and so it’s branded in your mind and memory.

Put your professional photo on the cover and your name in big block letters at the bottom.

You’ve heard the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind?”

If you don’t post a reminder of your resolution where you will frequently see it; it will soon get lost in your mental clutter.

By putting a visual reminder of your book in a prominent place, you’re keeping it “In sight, In mind.”

Furthermore, displaying a mock cover of your book helps you picture it as a “done deal” instead of it simply being something you hope to do . . . someday.

Many of my consulting clients say this helped them (finally) complete their book.

Try it. It only takes a couple minutes and it could be the difference between you “talking” about becoming an author — and completing a quality book that gets your message out in the world where it makes a positive difference for others and a prosperous living for you.

And if you’d like help holding yourself accountable for completing a strategic, profitable book; attend my POP! Your Book, Business, Brand and Career half-day, public workshop for the Independent Writers of Southern California on Jan. 24 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Email us at for details about this workshop that can help you get your book out of your head and into people’s hands.

This year, don’t be a waiter; be a published writer.

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