That’s Intriguing #4: What are the Best Sports Moments of the Last Decade?

“A good conversationalist is not someone who remembers what was said, but someone who says what people want to remember.” – John Mason Brown

To riff off the above quote, a good verbal communicator says what people want to remember. A good visual communicator shows so people continue to remember.

This intriguing article from USA Today captures the most memorable sports moments from the last decade.

What do these video clips have in common?

They all say and show something so startling or poignant, they were instantly imprinted in our brain.

They POP’d out of the thousands of same-old, same-ole images we see every day because they were “un’s.”

They were uncommon – unlike the norm.

George Washington Carver said, “When you can do the common things in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world.”

An autistic high-schooler scoring 20 points in 4 minutes in the only basketball game he ever played is uncommon.

Two collegiate softball players carrying an injured opponent around the bases so she’d be credited with a home run is unusual.

What presentation are you preparing? What book are you writing? What message do you want to break out?

What are you saying or showing that is unlike the norm?

If you want people to want to remember — and to be able to remember — your message, include something so startling and/or poignant, it will POP! out of all the other presentations they’ve seen, all the books they’ve read, and all the ideas they’ve heard.

Be an un.

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