That’s Intriguing #25: Want to Make Your Art Your Work?

A friend gave me a card recently that read, “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

I believe this is the ultimate power of books, blogs and presentations – and spending time with a compatible friend.

The best communicators introduce ideas that result in an epiphany – either of something we once knew and have forgotten or of something that crystallizes in front of us and we SEE a truth for the first time.

That was my experience of re-connecting with Jane Pollack, author of the insightful and moving book Soul Proprietor.

I had the privilege of keynoting the Speaker U event sponsored by NSA – NE recently. I walked into the lobby of the conference center and there was Jane. We had met years before at Book Expo. What a treat it was to see her again.

We found a quiet corner and played “hookie” so we could get caught up. Jane’s found her life purpose which is coaching people who want to make their art their work; their passion their profession.

If that sounds good to you; be sure to get a copy of Jane’s book Soul Proprietor which has been described as an “an artist’s odyssey from remote crafts fairs to an invitation to the White House and appearances on NBC’s Today Show.

Soul Proprietor is one of those books you can dip into on any page and find something thought-provoking. It features one hundred 1-2 page lessons including:

Lesson 12: Don’t quit before the miracle.

Lesson 44: Keep calling.

Lesson 74: Stay productive (not busy).

Lesson 87: Enjoy the ride, but don’t let the ride drive you.

Lesson 98: What you do for pleasure is your passion.

Intrigued? If you want to love your work and life, check out Jane’s blog for her wise observations about how to lead a remarkable life now, not someday . . .

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