That’s Intriguing #19: Why Harry Connick Jr. Deserves to be the Next American Idol Judge

Harry Connick Jr. replacing Simon?

Harry Connick Jr. replacing Simon?

Lisa de Moraes of The Washington Post reports that the “Idolettes are Just Wild about Harry – and the Fox Network Should be Too.”

TV Column: Harry Connick Jr. steals ‘Idol’ show, says Lisa de Moraes
Harry Connick Jr. made America Idol fun last night.


HE had fun.

Robert Frost said, “No tears in the writer; no tears in the reader.”

Well, no joy in the performer; no joy in the audience.

Harry’s genuine enjoyment in mentoring the contestants was transparent.

The result? Everyone had a great time – the people on the show and the people watching it.

That’s exactly what Harry did in an outdoor concert at Wolf Trap: The Center for Performing Arts (near Washington DC) a couple summers ago.

It rained . . . and no one left.

Really. I was there.

And along with hundreds of other people, we were so enthralled with Harry bouncing back and forth between his baby grand, electric keyboard and honky-tonk piano, that we stayed even when the rain come down.

When I coach clients who are about to give an important presentation – whether that’s a commencement speech or a talk to the local Chamber of Commerce – this is the advice I give them.

Intent trumps content.

Yes, content is important. It’s important to design and deliver substantive information that will add value for everyone in the room.

But we’ve all sat through incredibly boring presentations that were packed with fancy, fact-filled, bells-and-whistles power-point slides – and couldn’t remember a word when we left.

We’ve also had the great pleasue of sitting in on presentations or performances when the speaker was on fire. Their passion and purpose were so evident that we were swept up in their message and mission.

Are you preparing for a presentation, webinar or media interview?

Remember Harry Connick Jr.

LOVE being up on stage. Welcome this opportunity to talk about something you feel is important. Fill yourself with the desire to connect with everyone in the room until you see the light on in their eyes.

If you’re being interviewed on radio or TV or conducting a webinar; visualize your audience and verbally reach out to them so they are drawn in by your confidence and conviction.

Revel in this opportunity to share something you care about. Enjoy yourself – and they will too.

THAT is what audiences crave – that is what they remember – that is what motivates them to act.

And FOX?

Do your #1 rated show, contestants and the nation a favor – and arrange for Harry Connick Jr. to take Simon Cowell’s place next year. He will rejuvenate your franchise and inspire us all to tune in and join in on the fun.

Your thoughts? Did you see the American Idol episode with Harry Connick Jr? What effect did it have on you?

  1. This is true. I had so much fun with his performance and after that performance, automatically thought that this show would have much more value if Harry Connick Jr would run it. I hope it will come true. Otherwise there is no reason to watch.

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