That’s Intriguing #100 – What I Discovered on Facebook About Online Training Programs – and How It Affects YOU

This is Intrigue Expert Sam Horn.  I just got off Facebook, and was kind of amazed by what I found.

Online Training Programs For Business

Here’s someone marketing a program for several hundred dollars on “irresistible titles” and I thought, “I wrote the top-selling book on that topic and I show how to craft titles that sell in Module 2 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone who wrote one e-book and is now offering a program on how to write a “bestselling” book.  I thought, “I ran the best writers conference in the world for 17 years, have helped thousands of people craft quality books, and I show how to get published in Module 7 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone promising to teach you, for several thousands of dollars, how to get paid to speak and I thought, “I’ve made millions in the past 20 years speaking for such clients as Boeing, Cisco, KPMG, Capital One and the U.S. Embassy in London and I show how YOU can do that in Module 5 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone saying she’ll teach you, for several hundreds of dollars how to be a successful coach and I thought, “I’ve built a 7 figure consulting practice coaching such clients as the founder of Travelocity and the COO of Obama’s ’08 Presidential campaign, and I show you how to do that in Module 6 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone offering, for 4 figures, to teach you how to get TV, radio, print interviews and I thought, “My work has been featured on MSNBC, in The New York Times, Fast Company, NPR and BusinessWeek, and I show you how to do your own PR and get major media in Module 4 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone selling a program on how to “stand out” and I thought, “Seth Godin calls my POP! process for standing out ‘revolutionary” and I show exactly how to get noticed by your ideal clients by positioning yourself with a one-of-a-kind UVP and competitive edge in Module 2 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone offering an expensive program on how to craft an elevator speech and I thought, “My session on that topic was top-rated at INC 500 and EO Alchemy and I introduce exactly how to turn a boring elevator speech into a brilliant elevator connection in Module 4 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone vowing to teach you, for 5 figures, how to build a profitable business/brand and I thought, “I have helped hundreds of clients create a rewarding 7 C brand/business that earns them a GOOD living doing what they’re GOOD at, and I show how you can do this in Module 1 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone promising to tell you how to create passive income and I thought, “I’ve developed trademarked topics (i.e. Tongue Fu!) that have generated pro-active income (there’s nothing passive about it!) for 15 years, and I show you exactly how to do that in Module 3 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone who gives NO credentials saying they’ll teach you how to pitch and I thought, “I’ve been the Pitch Coach for USA Today Perfect Pitch and for Springboard, which has helped entrepreneurs receive $6 BILLION in funding, and I share my award-winning pitch process in Module 4 of SPECIAL-T.”

Here’s someone saying they’ll help you figure out what you were born to do and I think, “I spoke at TEDxNASA on my process called SerenDestiny that shows you how to lead a life where the lights are on in your eyes and I share how to do that in all 8 Modules of SPECIAL-T.”

I could go on … but you get the point. You could buy ALL those programs featured on Facebook for more than $16,000 and sift through them hoping to find what you need to know  …  but why would you?

Why not buy ONE program, for a fraction of the price, from an internationally respected expert who’s DONE all the above … and … taught thousands of others how to do all the above?

Why not get the BEST from the expert who’s regarded as the BEST?


Don’t just take our word for this. Little Red Book of Sales author Jeffrey Gitomer says Sam Horn’s work is “YOUR ROCKET SHIP TO SUCCESS.” The presidents of National Speakers Association, International Coaching Federation, ASTD, Entrepreneurs Organization and American Society of Association Executives have all hired Sam to help them create one-of-a-kind SPECIAL-T messages that scaled their success.

When you purchase the SPECIAL-T system, you instantly get all 8 VIDEO MODULES which feature detailed power-point slides with Sam talking you through her proprietary techniques.

If you’ve ever attended one of Sam’s programs, you know she doesn’t waste your valuable time and mind on abstract theories. Sam agrees with Carrie Fisher who said, “Instant gratification takes too long.” She leaves out the blah-blah-blah INFObesity that doesn’t translate into real-world results.

Make sure you have pen and paper or your favorite digital note-taking device ready to go, because you’ll want to take notes and can instantly apply Sam’s insights to YOUR priorities.

You’ll receive Sam’s DISTILLED best-practices and step-by-step techniques on how to:

Module 1:  IDENTIFY your SPECIAL-T  – (and discover how to earn a good living doing what you’re born to do)

Module 2:  POSITION Your SPECIAL-T  – (and create a one-of-a-kind competitive edge)

Module 3:  MONETIZE Your SPECIAL-T  – (and generate pro-active income for years to come)

Module 4.  MARKET Your SPECIAL-T  –  (and become a go-to media resource for TV, radio, print)

Module 5.  SPEAK on Your SPECIAL-T  –  (and get paid to present keynotes and seminars)

Module 6.  COACH/CONSULT on your SPECIAL-T  –  (and build a thriving practice with ideal clients)

Module 7:  WRITE on Your SPECIAL-T  –  (and publish quality books/blogs for an enduring legacy)

Module 8:  Turn Your SPECIAL-T into your SERENDESTINY  –  (and create a life you love that matters)

In addition to the above 8 video modules – which you can watch whenever you want, as often as you want – you will receive valuable bonuses including a deep discount to Sam’s Strategic Weekend Retreat that starts with dinner at the historic National Press Club, and her audio trainings on ConZentrateCan’t Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing, and how to be an IDEApreneur who turns ideas into equity income.

All of this for less than you would pay for an hour of Sam’s private consulting!

The sooner you purchase the SPECIAL-T program, the sooner you’ll kick-start the rewarding career of your dreams where you’re getting paid well to do work you love; work that matters.

Want more details?  We believe the best way to really get the value you’ll receive from SPECIAL-T is to give you an example of what you’ll receive from SPECIAL-T…

Click here – –  to watch a FREE preview video to discover how you can identify, leverage and monetize YOUR SPECIAL-T starting today … not someday.

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