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Intrigue - How to Create Interest and Connect with Anyone: Sam Horn at TEDxBethesdaWomen

Intrigue – How to Create Interest and Connect with Anyone

Sam Horn at TEDxBethesdaWomen

When asked the secret to life, E. M. Forster said two words, “Only connect.
Yet many of us don’t. It’s not that we don’t want to; it’s that we’re not taught to.

In this interactive TEDx talk, Intrigue Expert Sam Horn shows how to earn the attention, respect and buy-in of customers, investors and decision-makers by finding out what’s important to them …. and focusing on that FIRST.


The Alphabetize Technique from Tongue Fu©

Use Sam Horn’s Alphabetize Technique from her book Tongue Fu! to coin a one-of-a-kind name.

Serendestiny: Is The Light On In Your Eyes?

One of Sam’s favorite stories about someone who identified their SPECIAL-T, landed his dream job as a result, and set his SerenDestiny in motion.


EO Houston

In this highly interactive program for EO Houston, Sam Horn showed everyone in the room how to create a concise, compelling, answer that turns strangers into friends and clients.

Half and Half

If we’re going to ask people for their valuable time and attention, it is our responsibility to be original. Why? Because your project’s success is directly proportion to the degree that you introduce something original.


Elevator Connection

What do you say when people ask ‘What do you do?’ or ‘Why you?” If you dread those questions; here’s how to turn an elevator SPEECH into an elevator CONNECTION.

Want a speaker you can trust to thrill your audience from start to finish - with original insights, laugh-out-loud humor, relevant examples and inspiring stories that motivate them to act?
Work with Sam and the IA team to position, message and craft your presentations, books and priority projects so they win buy-in from your target audience and decision-makers.
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