That’s Intriguing #99: Sam Horn’s 4-A Approach for Creating a One-of-a-Kind Niche

“Cherish forever what makes you original; cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes.” – singer/actress Bette Midler

Do you wish you could:
· clarify what makes you original and one-of-a-kind?

· turn your passion into your profession and do work that matters?

· get paid to speak, write, coach and consult?

· have your own business doing what you love most and do best?

The good news is, you CAN do all the above.

The secret is to find a unique, urgently needed niche that gets you noticed by ideal clients.

Are you thinking, “I know that’s what I need to do; I just don’t know how to do it?”

Join the club.

In my 20+ years of being a full-time professional speaker, author, consultant; I’ve seen many quality individuals struggle and fail because they couldn’t figure out how they were special.

They weren’t able to differentiate themselves from everyone else in their area or industry.

They never created a compelling competitive edge that helped them stand out and succeed.

So, I developed a step-by-step system called SPECIAL-T to help my clients break out instead of blend in. Now, I’m making this system available to the public in an online training program.

This proven SPECIAL-T system helps you identify the unique EEE – Expertise, Experience, Epiphanies – you have that people will pay you to teach TO them or do FOR them.

This SPECIAL-T system shows you how to develop a strategic, commercially-viable NICHE that scales your influence/income. It’s helped my clients launch Hall of Fame speaking careers, land 6 figure book deals, build lucrative coaching practices and get paid to do work they love.

Here’s a condensed version of one of the original techniques in my SPECIAL-T program.

Sam Horn’s 4 A Approach to Creating a One-of-a-Kind Niche

Ask yourself the following questions to start clarifying what you know that other people want to know – that they’ll gladly PAY you to teach to them and/or expedite this for them.

Achievement: What have you achieved – that other people would like to achieve?

· Did you put yourself through college, build a house from scratch, get your pilot’s license at age 40, teach yourself to design websites that make money?

· What did you accomplish that took discipline and perseverance – and other people could benefit from your lessons-learned on how to “stay the course”?

· What skill have you acquired you could reverse-engineer into a step-by-step methodology to teach other people so they don’t have to re-create the wheel?

Adversity: What challenges have you overcome – that other people would like to overcome?

· Did you deal with breast cancer, get down-sized, rebound from a difficult divorce?

· What did you survive – that you could show other people how to survive?

· What did you learn “the hard way” and you want to prevent/minimize that pain for others and give them support so they don’t have to go it alone?

Avocation: What is a hobby you’re good at – that other people would like to be good at?

· Do you love to play golf, garden and grow your own vegetables, ride horses – and you could turn that into a metaphor that gives you a fresh approach to a familiar topic?

· What do you do for fun – adventure travel, museum docent, astronomy clubs – that you could share with others who want more fun in their life?

· What do you do that lights you up – and you could integrate it into your job so you’re integrating your passion/profession instead of seeing them as separate?

Attitude: What is a philosophy you have – that others would find relevant, inspiring, unique?

· What is an epiphany you’ve had – that could save others trial-and-terror learning?

· What is a favorite motto that keeps you motivated – that others might find helpful?

· What is a contrarian, provocative insight you have– that could open people’s eyes to an outdated/dangerous belief and lead to a transformative experience?

Please note: these questions can facilitate the process of you figuring out how to leverage your lessons-learned and/or turn your joy into your job. Want a few quick examples?


Client David Glover is a Naval Academy grad, cancer survivor and Ironman triathlete. However, he’s so much more than that. Check out his website – – to discover how he’s been able to turn his experiences/achievements into a soul-satisfying business where he’s getting paid to speak, write, coach and direct races around the country.


Christina Grimm grew up in sunny California, playing competitive travel softball from age 10. You can imagine how thrilled she was to receive an athletic/academic scholarship to a Division I school. Unfortunately, their hypercritical coach only focused on what Christina did wrong, never on what she did right. The coach ruined her self-esteem and her enjoyment of the game. She ended up leaving after one year, swearing never to play softball again.

Christina is pro-active though and decided that, instead of letting that toxic experience defeat her; she would turn it into a career helping others who were being bullied. She went back to college and got her PsyD. Her thesis? “The Effect of Coaching on the Self-Esteem of Teen-Aged Girls.” Visit


A financial advisor wanted to know how she could possibly differentiate herself from all the thousands of other experts out there. I asked, “What do you do when you’re not working?”

Jan told me, “I play golf.”

I said with a smile, “We’re in business. Why not use smart golf as a metaphor for being a smart investor? You could call your book ‘Go for the Green.’ Talk yourself through a round and use each step of the process of how to make/save par for how to make/save money.”

This was clever positioning as Jan’s target clients were affluent executives and executives, many of whom play golf. This was something they valued and had in common; which increased the likelihood of her being asked to speak at their events and weekend retreats.


Julie Jansen, a career coach, wanted a breakout book but she said, “All the great titles – like ‘Take This Job and Love It’ – are taken.”

I asked her a series of questions including, “What attitude do your clients have? What is something you hear, over and over again, when they come into your office?”

She thought about it for a moment and said, “You know what they all say? ‘I Don’t Know What I Want; But I Know It’s Not This.’”

Bingo. That became the title of her book, which has become an evergreen classic because it resonates with readers. They look at it and think, “That’s EXACTLY how I feel!”

These are just a few of the hundreds of success stories of individuals who love their life and work because they turned their SPECIAL-T into a one-of-a-kind niche.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Visit to watch a free video that goes into more detail on how you can identify, leverage and monetize YOUR SPECIAL-T and turn it into your SERENDESTINY (a life where the light’s on in your eyes.)

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