That’s Intriguing #106: Run. Replenish. Repeat.

“Even if we win the rat race; we’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin

Is it possible to “lean in” so far you fall over?

Like many of my female colleagues, I started leaning in in 8th grade when I ran for student body president.

Many of us haven’t stopped running since. We run the office or our own business. We run a house full of kids. We run the PTA, charity auction and neighborhood board. We run to keep up, to stay ahead.

We have been running so fast for so long, it’s become a default.

Last week, Tara D. Sonenshine pointed out the consequences of women whose M.O. has been to go, go, go in her intriguing Washington Post article, Why I’m Leaning Out.

I hear you. I am woman; hear me… snore.

Running has served us. We’ve cracked the glass ceiling, proved we deserve a seat at the table and showed we have a lot to offer as moms, leaders and visionaries.

Now? As Tara advises, it’s time to take a break. Time to take a deep breath.

I’ve never considered myself a workaholic, even though I work pretty much seven days a week. I love my work, so it’s not work, right?

Well yeah, it is.

Being productive, (my preferred word), has been a non-negotiable. It’s satisfying to come to the end of the day and know you’ve contributed, that there’s tangible evidence you’re making a difference.

Sound familiar?

Yet, one of the wisest things I’ve learned is that our strength taken to an extreme can become our Achilles Hell. (Uhhh… Achilles Heel?)

Being productive is rewarding. But it comes at a cost.

My worn-out body finally did what it had to do to get my attention. I got sick. Really sick.

As in antibiotic, can’t-bounce-back sick where I didn’t feel better after a “good night’s sleep.” As in worn-out “kept-getting-worse” sick.

Read How a RECHARGE DAY Helped Me Bounce Back (via The Huffington Post) >>

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