Tongue Fu! At School







Tongue Fu! At School

Would you like to learn how to quickly resolve conflicts with students, parents, fellow teachers, principals, coaches, and school board members?


This book is for educators that want to learn real-life responses to situations faced everyday in the classroom, on campus, in the front office, at extra-curricular activities, in staff meetings, PTA meetings, and district meetings.

Tongue Fu! At School provides real-life ways to communicate better with teachers, students, principals, and parents.

You'll learn exactly what to do and say:

  • Get other people to stop, listen, and see your point of view
  • Keep from saying something you regret. (Tongue Glue!)
  • Use the AAA Train to clear up complaints
  • Handle hassles with humor vs. harsh words (Fun Fu!)
  • Coach poor performance so people learn (vs. lose face) and are motivated to self-correct
  • Use words that create a climate of cooperation
  • Keep anger and emotions under control so you keep a positive perspective
  • Resolve disagreements by focusing on solutions, not fault
  • Think on your feet instead of thinking of the perfect response ... on the way home
  • Diplomatically say "No" without jeopardizing your friendships (or job)
  • Create quality, long-lasting relationships through compassionate, respectful communication

Continue to be the quality of person you want to be - even when others aren't

Price: $19.99

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