Tongue Fu!







Tongue Fu! Dealing with Difficult People Without Becoming One Yourself

The purpose of kung fu (a Chinese martial art emphasizing internal development) is to defuse, disarm or deflect someone’s physical attack. The purpose of Tongue Fu!® (A mental art emphasizing internal development) is to defuse, disarm, or deflect someone’s psychological attack. It is a spoken form of self-defense--the constructive alternative to giving a tongue-lashing or to being tongue tied.

In Tongue Fu! you will learn:

  • How to conduct yourself with confidence so you keep from being abused verbally
  • To use these martial arts for the mind and mouth to skillfully protect yourself.
  • To never again have a mental meltdown and feel helpless in the face of aggression.
  • To communicate in a way that helps you get along better with everyone both on and off the job.
  • How to prevent conflicts and produce cooperation
  • How to choose to stay kind even if other are being inconsiderate or cruel.
  • Dozens of clever, non-combative comebacks so you can speak up for yourself when people are putting you down.
  • How to stand on your own two feet without stepping on other people’s toes so you can avoid being hurt or causing hurt.

Price: $19.99

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