POP! Your Idea





POP! Your Ideas


Would you like to learn  how to turn your ideas in your head into money in your pocket? If so, you are in the right place.


Sam will hit the ground running with original techniques you can use immediately to evaluate the commercial-viability of your idea.


Crystallize a clear and compelling description that wins buy-in from decision-makers, and package it so it stands out and gets noticed and supported.


What's a situation you've got coming up in which you'd like to speak confidently and compellingly so you favorably impress everyone in the room? The information is this recording of Sam's live teleseminar will  help you do just that.


"You've been on my commute with me since Monday evening- every day! I am learning so many great things from your CD's - primary among which is your lovely, story-rich,  engaging way of presenting. You're a pleasure to listen to!"

-Francie Dalton, Founder and President of Dalton Alliances

Price: $19.99

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Want a speaker you can trust to thrill your audience from start to finish - with original insights, laugh-out-loud humor, relevant examples and inspiring stories that motivate them to act?
Work with Sam and the IA team to position, message and craft your presentations, books and priority projects so they win buy-in from your target audience and decision-makers.
Want to create intriguing, one-of-a-kind ideas, projects and communications? Our books, videos and e-learning products show you how.
Want recent insights, examples and action steps on how to create interest, earn respect and connect with anyone? Our blogs (often featured in Fast Company, Inc.com, etc.) show how.