Complete POP! Package







“Let’s give ‘em something to talk about”.  - from Bonnie Raitt’s song “Something To Talk About”

Whether you are:

  • Introducing yourself at a networking function
  • Talking to prospective clients at a trade show
  • Pitching an idea to your boss
  • Writing articles or Web copy
  • Creating an ad, commercial or marketing slogan
  • Branding a business or product
  • Interviewing for a job
  • Searching for the perfect title or name
  • Requesting funding or trying to get your budget approved

. . . your success depends on whether you quickly capture your target audience’s interest and give them something to talk about.  Are they sufficiently intrigued in the first sixty seconds to want to know more? Did you succeed in getting your project’s foot in their mental door?

People today are so busy, so distracted, 60 seconds is all the time we have to get their favorable interest. If we don’t convince them in our “One Minute Window of Opportunity” that we’re worth their valuable time, money, and attention, they’ll switch their focus to something else.

POP! gives you the techniques and tangible tools to get people interested in what YOU care about. This special package gives you all of our POP! mp3's for a low price of $99.99! (over $145 in value)

1. POP! Audiobook-   A series of three one-hour sessions. This is the complete guide on how to get your audiences’ attention, and set yourself apart from competitors.


2. POP! Pitch and Proposal- In this one hour session, discover how to POP! your pitch and proposal to win buy-in from decision makers.


3. POP! Your Business-  In just one hour, learn how to POP! your business in order to make more money.


4. POP! Your Communication-  In this one hour session, learn how to communicate your ideas in a way that captures and keeps public interest.


5. POP! Your Elevator Speech- In one hour,  uncover the techniques to sell you or your business in 60 seconds, and open doors and close deals.


6. POP! Your Idea-In this one hour session, learn how to turn your ideas into income. Sam’s techniques to help your idea stand out from those of your competitors.

Price: $99.99

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