POP! Your Presentations

Design and deliver compelling presentations that command the interest and respect of everyone in the room


Our public speaking opportunities are make or break moments for our careers and businesses. If you are struggling to come up with a unique approach, can’t get your ideas out of your head or simply want to create a presentation that is one-of-a-kind instead of one of many, Sam Horn and the Intrigue Agency can help.

Sam excels in helping her clients prepare the following types of presentations:

  1. TED Talks, Commencements, and Legacy Speeches
  2. Proprietary Keynote Presentations
  3. Investor Presentations & Project Proposals

Sam Horn uses her proprietary 3P method to help her clients design and deliver compelling presentations.

1) Prepare

  • Use The 70-10-10-10 Rule to easily integrate humor, pithy anecdotes and take-away value into any speech.
  • Work through Sam’s proven outline system to get your best ideas out of your head and into your speech.
  • Coin new words, slogans and tag-lines that help people remember you.


2) Practice

  • Break up presentations into easy-to-follow practice guides so you can follow key words and easily remember your material in high-pressure situations.
  • Create keywords and mnemonic devices so that you can effortlessly flow between key points and laughs.


3) Perform

  • Learn tangible strategies on everything from eye contact to foot placement so you look natural and comfortable on stage.
  • Use Sam’s famous “ball” technique to alleviate the jitters and exude confidence in front of your audience.
Can you trust Sam to help you design and deliver a speech that stands out? YES! In addition to speaking to more than half a million clients worldwide, Sam has:


  • Been a top-rated speaker at 2 International Platform Association conventions
  • Provided communication training for Fortune 500 clients (Cisco, Boeing)
  • Coached top entrepreneurs/executives from Russia, Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia
  • Helped hundred of clients create succesful keynotes (including professional speakers!)
  • Been interviewed on top radio shows (NPR, Bloomberg) and all major TV networks
  • Had her work featured in the Wash Po, Readers Digest, Investor Business Daily and Cosmo
  • Trained clients who have been featured on major media such as Oprah and the Today Show
  • Helped her clients earn millions from their keynotes and convention programs


Want someone to help you create the marketing materials you need, so you can focus on your presentation?


Creating great marketing materials is the best way to leverage your presentations and public speaking to scale your influence and visibility.

The Intrigue Agency consists of talented young entrepreneurs who help our clients create the marketing materials, social media and web presence they need to get their ideas in front of decision makers and scale their following.


  • Graphic Design (Powerpoint Presentations, Hand-outs.)
  • Videos (Speaker reels – Event filming)
  • Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Marketing Outreach


To work with Sam and The Intrigue Agency, please contact our Office Manager Cheri Grimm at Cheri@intrigueagency.com.

Want a speaker you can trust to thrill your audience from start to finish - with original insights, laugh-out-loud humor, relevant examples and inspiring stories that motivate them to act?
Work with Sam and the IA team to position, message and craft your presentations, books and priority projects so they win buy-in from your target audience and decision-makers.
Want to create intriguing, one-of-a-kind ideas, projects and communications? Our books, videos and e-learning products show you how.
Want recent insights, examples and action steps on how to create interest, earn respect and connect with anyone? Our blogs (often featured in Fast Company, Inc.com, etc.) show how.