Invent a Trademark-able Term to “Own” a Topic

So, I’m in Toronto to present POP! to the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and I’m reading the local newspaper.

What POP!’d out? An article featuring an invented word that names a cultural phenomenon that’s getting a lot of press and that was part of the plot of the #1 rated movie this past weekend, “Failure to Launch.”

The trend is that thousands (millions?!) of 20-somethings are returning home to live with their parents. There are a lot of reasons for this — including that many can’t afford to live in the style to which they’ve become accustomed and their moms still do laundry and cook hot meals.

The problem is, there are many “topic experts” about these “boomerang” kids. Boomerang is too generic a word to “own.” If you’re an infopreneur, you don’t want to be one-of-many, you want to be one-of-a-kind. When you’re one-of-a-kind, there is no competition.

Ian Pierpoint achieved just that by coining a Half & Half word that combined the yin-yang aspects of these 20-somethings. They’re half adults and half adolescents. They’re ADULTESCENTS!

Voila! When you invent a new word, you don’t just have a clever title; you have a trademark-able term that is yours and yours alone. You can now build a buisness empire that generates income for years to come. You can license people to teach your proprietary methodology. The media will seek you out for interviews because you’ve pioneered a unique approach to a ubiquitous topic.

For more information on how to go to the head of your class by inventing a trademark-able Half & Half term, buy Sam’s 3 hour POP! CD series at

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