How to Create a Million-Dollar Business Name and Brand

What’s in a business name and brand?

Your future.

You have about 10 seconds to get people’s favorable attention. If your business name or brand is unpronounceable, nonsensical, or boring . . .people will move on and you will have lost potential clients and sales.

Your goal is to produce a business name and brand that POP! – that are Purposeful,, Original, and Pithy – so people are instantly intrigrued.

A compelling business name and brand can catapult your company’s appeal, marketshare and revenue.

For example, two farmers in Virginia were looking for a health-conscious, low-fat alternative to traditional beef. They cross-bred a cow and a yak to produce what they laughingly call a “Frankensteer.”

What to call these cattle-yak hybrids? Use one of Sam Horn’s POP! Techniques called Alphabetizing to create a hybrid name. Take the word “cattle” and talk it through the Alphabet, changing the sound of the first syllable to match the related letter. Eventually, you come up with YATTLE.

Big deal, you say. You bet it’s a big deal. Washington Post ran a two page article on August 11 about this new species – and now millions of people know about Yattle because these enterprising entrepreneurs used a little brainpower to come up with an attention-grabbing name that helped their pet project get noticed on a national level.

Want to corner a niche? Create a niche. And the best way to create a niche is to coin a new word. When you create a new word for your business name and brand, you have no competition because you are now one-of-a-kind. That’s what generates media attention. That’s what help yor product POP! off the shelf. That’s what motivates people to check out your website. That’s what compels people to remember your business name and brand.

Want a few other examples? What would you call a musical based on Dr. Seuss’s work? Seussical.

What do call a new form of “portable” yogurt that’s designed for busy, on-the-go parents and kids? Gogurt.

What would you name a sight-seeing business in Alaska that takes tourists up in float planes? Flight-seeing.

The good news? You don’t have to have a million dollar budget to come up with a million-dollar business name and brand — you just need a little brainpower and Sam Horn’s POP! Process.

The Alphabetizing technique is just one of 25 POP! Techniques Sam Horn has created to help entrepreneurs and organizations create a business name and brand that help them stand out from the crowd. For more information about Sam Horn’s POP! Process and Brand Camps, visit

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