How Can I Get Investors Interested in My Idea, Product, Service or Business?

Here is Tip 12 of the Top 15 Ways to Capture Interest in Your Idea, Business, Product or Service

What is a benefit, deliverable, or attribute of your business, idea, product or service?

Craft that into a tag line people can repeat, word for word, after hearing it one time.

For example, I wask asked to coach the semi-finalists’ pitches at the Ignite Clean Energy Summit sponsored by the MIT Center for Enterprise.

A start-up was pitching an electric car that didn’t require a special outlet to be recharged.

I suggested the tagline, “Any outlet, anytime, anywhere.”

The team leader’s eyes lit up and he immediately motioned to his team to write it down.

At the end of the program, I asked the group to repeat something they’d heard, word for word.

Guess what the majority of the group said out loud?

That’s right. They said, “Any outlet, anytime, anywhere.”

Repeatability is the key to memorability which is the key to your success.

Why? It means that after hearing dozens of pitches, investors will remember YOU which means you’re the one they’re more likely to follow up with afterwards.

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  1. Cannot tell you how to come up with a way to invite customers. However if your own website were a bit more user friendly it sure would help ME out! I can’t seem to find the survey for a bloomin onion. If they weren’t so tasty I’d have given up 15 minutes ago! My survey code is 5792-30030–21170 . Could you please give me directions to the survey? I understand a validation code won’t be received until the survey is completed and that is only fair – but where is the survey? Would appreciate your help. Thanks. Joy Moore, Buhler, KS.

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