Good things come to those who walk – AVON’s clever slogan

We’ve all heard the cliche “Good thinks come to those who wait.” Congrats to AVON for “riffing” off this well-known saying to come up with a catchy slogan for their latest fund-raiser. . . “Good things come to those who walk.”

Just like a jazz pianist “riffs” of chords to create memorable music, you can create memorable taglines, slogans, and titles by re-arranging cliches instead of repeating them – just like AVON did.

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  1. I think this would make me the ultimate “riffer” … my book, GOOD THINGS, was riffed from Martha Stewart along with the “Good things come to those who wait” quote, and other quotes that riff original quotes: “All good things must come to an end, “One good thing leads to another,” and so on.

    Oy, is riffing bad?

  2. Hello Mia — tell us more about your book Good Things. Is it a novel, non-fiction? Tell all.

    Sam Horn (I’m also the Emcee and former Executive Director of the Maui Writers Conference — what many people feel is the best writers conference in the world)

  3. Sam, as we like to say over here, it’s a Big Island, small world!

    I’m a Big Island author with my home in Kamuela. GOOD THINGS is my debut novel, published by Berkley Books (Penguin USA). It’s women’s fiction, the story of Deidre McIntosh. She’s 40, single, and hugely successful as host of Seattle’s premier cooking-and-lifestyle TV show, Live Simple and Simply Live. But when her show is abruptly cancelled, her seemingly perfect life ends along with it and she decides she needs a new start. The book includes recipes from the book as well.

    GOOD THINGS, which was released in February, is now in its third printing and has hit the B&N Bestseller list for General Trade Fiction, twice! Of course, living in Hawaii means that I didn’t even get to see my book in bookstores until this month – they ironically didn’t pick up copies over here at first. But I got lovely reports from around the country, and that was wonderful.

    I have yet to make it to MWC but I hear wonderful things about it!

    all best,

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