POP! Your Pitch and Proposals

Craft compelling presentations, proposals and pitches that win buy-in from prospects, partners and investors.


We put hundreds of hours into our businesses, projects and causes, oftentimes the decision to work with us comes down to a single conversation or presentation. Whether you are getting ready to present to a group of potential investors, bidding on a government contract, or headed to a trade show, working with experts to create the perfect pitch is a surefire ROI for your business or idea.

People who get pitched…get pitched a lot. If we’re saying the same thing as everyone else, people won’t remember our projects, invest in us or want to work with us. If we want our projects to succeed, we must be able to articulate our  “UVP” Unique Value Proposition into a persuasive and commercially-viable message that helps people easily understand what we do and why they should work with us.


Sam works with our pitch clients in several ways:


1) Investor Pitch and Project Proposals

  •  Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises ($5.5 B in funding)Complete 7P audits that articulate their Unique Value Proposition and help them understand what their best ideas and selling points are.
  • Create compelling copy, stories and questions that allow clients to convey their UVP in unique, engaging ways so it is easy for decision makers to remember them and say yes.
  • Craft an “Elevator Speech” that summarizes their pitch so everyone they meet gets what they do, wants it and buys it.
  • Develop a unique “ask” that incorporates different levels of buy-in to make it easier for investors and prospects to say yes.


2) Proposal and Powerpoint

  • Create physical proposals for funding and partnership that are interesting, clear and concise.
  • Develop powerpoint presentations that use one-of-a-kind approaches to POP! their important information and drive home your selling points.


3. Verbal Presentation

  • We can have great information down on paper, but if our verbal presentations are not clear and consistent, we will confuse and lose our audience.
  • Sam uses years of speaker coaching to train clients in the 70-10-10-10 approach that will help them prepare and deliver the verbal portion of their pitch with confidence.


Can Sam really help me win deals and influence investors? Yes! she has a 20 year track of helping  her clients deliver pitches and presentations that get results. She has been:

  • Pitch Coach for British Airways Face2Face Competition
  • Pitch Coach for USA Today’s Perfect Pitch Competition
  • Pitch Coach for MIT’s Clean Energy Competition
  • A best-selling author with “POP!” Create the Perfect Pitch, Title & Tagline
  • A featured guest on MSNBC’s Elevator Pitch segment
  • Succesful in coaching clients who received funding and won major contests
  • Featured on Fastcompany.com and in the Washington Post


Want someone to help you create your presentations, proposals and imagery?


The Intrigue Agency consists of talented young entrepreneurs who help our clients create the physical marketing materials and presentations that add value to our clients projects.

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Graphic Design ( Logos, cartoons etc.)
  • Proposals
  • Videos


To work with Sam and The Intrigue Agency, please contact our Office Manager Cheri Grimm at Cheri@intrigueagency.com.

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