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Sam is a seriously creative thinker who has taken what, for some, is mind-boggling work and turned it into a system on how to create memorable names and marketing messages.

– John Jantsch
Duct Tape Marketing and Forbe’s #1 Blogger on Small Business Marketing
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Thanks for giving me the coaching and kick-start I needed to speak about our technology. I am grateful and remember you every time I give a presentation. I am proud to say we were chosen as one of BusinessWeek magazine’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs.

-Kathleen Callendar
Co-founder of PharmaJet
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Sam Horn’s impact on me in a public speaking workshop at the Leadership Academy completely changed my perspective on communication. The simple content shift from worrying about an audience’s reaction to believing I have something important to share was a game-changer for me.

– Matt Leedham
Director for (EO) Entrepreneurs Organization
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When it comes to working with people, I’m tough to please. Sam Horn has the rare ability to help you find the hidden genius buried in your thoughts, shape this into a compelling message and deliver it in an eye-catching package. Working with Sam dramatically expanded the focus and purpose of my work.

– Kay Cannon
President of the International Coaching Federation
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It was great learning so much from you. You are the best. You’re adding such value to presenters.

– Dr. Theresa Szczurek
Co-Founder of the $40 million Radish Systems, the Choice View Company

Having worked with many coaches, Sam Horn absolutely stands out. After hearing my 30 second pitch, she pulled a tag out ‘Are you in the loop?’ that has stuck. Delivering the same pitch over and over, one beging to believe it is as good as it gets. Not until Sam has done the once over can it really be good enough. Sam is a true professional.

– Hilary DeCesare
CEO of Everloop (Winner 2010 DEMOGod Award, Top 25 Women in Technology)

Sam Horn and her POP! Process take you through a variety of exercises to help you come up with memorable, eye-catching, humorous iterations of your ideas.

– Joe Kutchera
CEO and Author of Latino Link

Thanks to Sam Horn, I pitched to the investors group, got great feedback, investment dollars and interest in the next round.

– Beth Marcus
Founder of 12 Start-Ups, Including Playriffic and Exos Which Sold to Microsoft

You’re a classy inspiration. What did I do when I wanted my book to POP!? I called the guru. You told me my book would be perceived as ‘male only; and needed a cover endorsement from a female corporate executives so it appealed to women readers/decision-makers. I was able to get a testimonials from a high-level colleague at Marriott. It has made a huge difference in my book’s sales and success.

– Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman
MBS, Author of NYT and WSH bestseller Never Fly Solo

We’ve been lucky in our careers to work with great talent – from well-known publishers, TV producers and famous leaders. Sam Horn outshines them all. Her probing questions, delightful manner and ability to get to the heart of what is important made a significant difference in our book AND in our careers. Sam is a genius. Anyone who thinks seriously about writing a book, crafting a speech or building a business shouldn’t make a move without her.

– Jackie Speier (former LT. Governor of California), Jan Yanehiro (Emmy-award winning anchor of Evening Magazine), Michaelene Risley (Cannes Film Festival documentarian with Flash Cards) and Deborah Stephens (co-founder of Center for Innovative Leadership)

You are solely responsible for me being successful in getting this book deal. I am indebted to you.

– Eddie Osterland
America’s 1st Master Sommelier

I would like to think my skills as an ER doctor are even half as good as yours as a coach!

– Marlene Buckler, MD
CEO and author of Stay Out of My ER



Want to grab someone’s attention and make them remember you and your products? Then you need Sam Horn’s step-by-step POP! Process.

-Mike Koenigs
2009 Marketer of the Year and creator of Traffic Geyset



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