What is the most important project you’re working on at the moment? A New Business? A Proposal or Pitch? Publishing Your Own Book? An Important Media Appearance?

The world is suffering from INFOBESITY. If you can’t explain the unique value of your priority project, you will never scale your success at the rate you deserve.

Sam Horn uses her 20+ years of international experience and a creative team of Intrigue Agents to provide  entrepreneurs and organizations with transformational training and the coaching they need to create compelling written and spoken communications that achieve their strategic goals, scale their desired results and overcome INFOBESITY. Sam is an expert at teaching effective presentation skills, creating quality slogans, and corporate coaching.

Check out Sam’s consulting below and contact us if you’d like to work with a world-class consultant with a proven track record and glowing testimonials.

Work with a consultant that get's your IP, products and services remembered and bought

Sam's revolutionary POP! branding process has:
  • Helped hundreds of clients coin first-of-their-kind brand names
  • Given corporate clients pithy Elevator Speeches used company wide
  • Helped her clients' businesses generate millions in new revenues
  • Been featured in media such as Business Week and the Boston Globe

Work with a pitch coach that helps her clients close deals and win contracts

In addition to 20+ years of experience, Sam is the:
  • Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises ($5.5 B in funding)
  • Pitch Coach for British Airways Face2Face Competition
  • Pitch Coach for USA Today's Perfect Pitch Competition
  • Wrote the book POP! Create the Perfect Pitch, Title & Tagline

Work with the speaker... speakers want to work with

In addition to presenting to over half a million people worldwide, Sam has:
  • Been a top-rated speaker at 2 Intl. Platform Association conventions
  • Works with fortune 500 companies on their public speaking
  • Coached professional speakers at the National Speakers Association
  • Helped hundreds of clients prepare and deliver keynote presentations, TED Talks, and investor pitches

Work with a book coach who gets results

In addition to publishing seven books herself, Sam has:
  • Helped more than 50 clients get publishing deals
  • Had her clients featured on recognized best seller lists and on every major media outlet, from Oprah to the Today Show
  • Run the prestigious Maui Writers Conference as Emcee & Exec Dir.
  • Been featured at seven book conferences in 2011-2012 alone
Want a speaker you can trust to thrill your audience from start to finish - with original insights, laugh-out-loud humor, relevant examples and inspiring stories that motivate them to act?
Work with Sam and the IA team to position, message and craft your presentations, books and priority projects so they win buy-in from your target audience and decision-makers.
Want to create intriguing, one-of-a-kind ideas, projects and communications? Our books, videos and e-learning products show you how.
Want recent insights, examples and action steps on how to create interest, earn respect and connect with anyone? Our blogs (often featured in Fast Company,, etc.) show how.