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That’s Intriguing #88: What’s In a Name? Your Success.

That's Intriguing #88: What's In a Name? Your Success.

That’s Intriguing #88: What’s In a Name? Your Success. “I hear you call my name.” –  Madonna, Like a Prayer It was 1982 and I was running from room to room at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua, Hawaii. As Emcee of the Maui Writers Conference, part of […]

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That’s Intriguing #86: Sam Horn and the Intrigue Agency Open Nominations for the 2014 POP! Hall of Fame

  “The best way to corner a niche is to create a niche.  And the best way to create a niche is to … coin your own word.” – Sam Horn Encountered a couple of early entries for the 2012 POP! Hall of Fame … and thought I’d share them […]

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That’s Intriguing #83: Why Does Readers Digest Pass Sam Horn’s Eyebrow Test®?

I rediscovered an old friend today. Reader’s Digest. I’m visiting my sister and brother-in-law this weekend – Cheri and Joe Grimm – who have been running my business and website for the past 15 years. They gifted me with a stay in a delightful bed and breakfast […]

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That’s Intriguing #76: What is The E.Y.E.B.R.O.W. Test®?

Do you ever: • Find people aren’t really listening when you’re talking to them? • Have a tough time explaining your ideas? • Notice that what you’re saying seems to be going in one ear, out the other? • Get frustrated because you can’t get across the […]

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That’s Intriguing #74: Sam Horn and The Intrigue Agency Announce the 2011-2012 POP! Hall of Fame

The votes are in. We have our winners. Here are the most intriguing business names, book titles and NURDS (New Words) for 2011-2012 – as submitted by our POP! and Intrigue Institute tribe. Thanks for your nominations and votes. The purpose of the POP! Hall of Fame […]

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That’s Intriguing #72: What’s Your Nomination for This Year’s POP! Hall of Fame?

“Are you standing out from the crowd – or getting lost in the crowd?” – Sam Horn, author of POP! It’s that time of year again:-) Time to pick the most intriguing business names, marketing slogans, ad campaigns and book titles that stood out and helped their […]

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That’s Intriguing #67: Innovative EBIFanies from BIF-7: “Focus on What’s Strong; Not What’s Wrong”

“You can’t build on broken.” – Angela Blanchard, Wise advice from Angela Blanchard, the visionary leader of the team who turned Houston’s AstroDome into a home-away-from-home in one day following Hurricane Katrina to provide much-needed services to the thousands of refugees arriving on buses from New […]

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