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That’s Intriguing #91: Winning Super Bowl Ads: Who Says You Can’t Say Anything in 60 Seconds?

“Instant gratification takes too long.” – Carrie Fisher As a communication strategist and pitch coach, I often have clients tell me, “You can’t say anything in 10 minutes.” One client, who was pitching a room full of investors at the Paley Center in New York City, said, […]

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That’s Intriguing #39: Announcing the POP! 2010 Hall of Fame of Top Trends, Brand Names, Book Titles and Business Slogans

“You’re either breaking out or blending in. And blending in’s for Cuisinarts.” – Sam Horn Every year I pick the top brand names, taglines, book titles and trends that caught our attention and helped their idea, invention or organization stand out and get noticed . . . […]

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That’s Intriguing #38: What are the Top POP! Quotes of 2010?

“Quotes are distilled wisdom.” – Sam Horn Fred Shapiro, Associate Librarian for Yale Law School, just released his annual version of the most notable quotes. Shapiro picks quotes that are famous, important or revealing of the spirit of the times. The quotes aren’t necessarily the most eloquent […]

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That’s Intriguing #22: Is Confidence the Key to Winning American Idol?

A USA TODAY article entitlted “Idol Outcome Looks Like a Toss-Up” starts with “All season long, American Idol judges have told Lee DeWyze, “Have confidence.” They like him – arguably more than Crystal Bowersox, whose “indie, coffee house” vibe may not result in the huge sales and […]

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