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That’s Intriguing #94: Avoid Platitudes Like the Plague

  “Let’s give them something to talk about.” – Bonnie Raitt song lyric I recently spoke at a conference where two co-authors shared their findings after taking 2 years to interview people who were at the top of their profession. They then revealed their list of the […]

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That’s Intriguing #84: An Innovative Way to Turn INFObesity into Intrigue

“In influencing others; example is not the main thing.  It’s the only thing.” – Albert Schweitzer Agreed. What’s a situation coming up in which you want to influence someone to give you their time, mind or dime? If you want to capture and keep their attention – […]

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That’s Intriguing #78: How Can I Prepare for a Presentation so I Can Walk In With Confidence?

“Winning begins with preparation.” – Football coach Joe Gibbs A client, who was an executive for a Six Sigma organization, was preparing for an important medical conference. If he did right by his audience, he and his organization stood to win millions in contracts. The problem? Have […]

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That’s Intriguing #76: What is The E.Y.E.B.R.O.W. Test®?

Do you ever: • Find people aren’t really listening when you’re talking to them? • Have a tough time explaining your ideas? • Notice that what you’re saying seems to be going in one ear, out the other? • Get frustrated because you can’t get across the […]

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That’s Intriguing #68: Want to Close that Deal and Land That Contract?

“If you want decision-makers to care; you’ve got to show F.L.A.I.R.” – Sam Horn, author of POP! and the upcoming E.Y.E.B.R.O.W. Test I’m here in Hollywood speaking for EO Alchemy, along with Biz Stone (founder of Twitter), Magic Johnson (basketball player extraordinaire), Simon Sinek (Start with Why) […]

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That’s Intriguing #65: What Did Say in Their Interview of Sam Horn About Winning Buy-In To Your Idea in 60 Seconds?

“If you stick to what you know; you sell yourself short.” – Carrie Underwood Do you have an idea you’re pitching? A venture or cause you’re trying to get funded? What are you going to say in the first 60 seconds to get your busy decision-makers’eyebrows up? […]

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That’s Intriguing #60: Does Your Idea Pass The Eyebrow Test®?

“Remember, you’re a lot more interested in what you have to say than anyone else is.” – Andy Rooney Are you going into a meeting today to introduce an idea, request funding or propose a program? Did you know its success depends on whether you get people’s […]

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