POP! Your Brand and Business

Create a brand identity that gets your IP, products and services remembered and bought.


What would someone you met last week tell a friend about your business, service or idea? Do you like the answer? Your brand is not what you know about your business; your brand is what others know about your business.

Whether you are starting a new business or work with a million dollar corporation, developing a brand identity that is clear, consistent and compelling is difficult and time consuming. Sam Horn and the Intrigue Agency create one-of-a-kind messaging that meets our clients’ goals and scales their success.


Sam Horn transforms our clients’  brands through:

1) Core Messaging

  • Refine your mission statement and 5W’s so that everyone you work with understands not only what you do but WHY you do it.
  • POP! a press/media kit that helps you easily show people why they should work with you.
  • Perfect your company’s Elevator Speech so that everyone in your company knows how to open doors and close deals.

2) Umbrella Brand Audits

  • Align all of your professional activities (businesses, books, speaking, websites, marketing, social media) so that your message is consistent and each activity supports the others for maximum impact, visibility and sales.

3) Names, Taglines and Slogans

  • Craft the perfect name for your new business, product or idea.
  • Create effective taglines and slogans for a new product, project or existing business so that people remember and tell others about you.

4) Creative Outreach

  • Create an effective outreach strategy for your project, product or service so that people want to connect with you online and through social media.
  • Come up with creative videos, blog posts and other content that go viral and scale visibility for your project.


Can Sam really make your business POP! so people want it and buy in? YES! She has a 20 year track record of proven results.


  • Sam has helped hundreds of clients coin first-of-their-kind business and product names.
  • She has given successful companies pithy Elevator Speeches used company wide.
  • Edelman Sr. VP Marilynn Mobley says POP!  is an “innovative approch to composing brands.”
  • Her branding presentation was a top-rated session at the 2008 INC 500/5000 conference.
  • Sam has delivered her POP! Your Brand/Business workshops for hundreds of companies.
  • Sam’s clients have developed equity businesses that have generated millions of dollars.
  • Mark Victor Hanson says POP! is the way to “stand out of any and every crowd.”
  • Sam’s branding tips have been featured on media outlets such as BusinessWeek.com and the Boston Globe.


Want someone to help you create the marketing materials and web presence you need, so you can focus on your business?


The Intrigue Agency consists of talented young entrepreneurs who help our clients create the marketing materials and online presence (websites, social media etc.) they need to reach their target audience and scale their success.

  • Websites
  • Graphic Design (Logos, Imagery etc.)
  • Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Videos
  • Marketing Materials (Flyers, Press Kits)


To work with Sam and The Intrigue Agency, please contact our Office Manager Cheri Grimm at Cheri@intrigueagency.com.

Want a speaker you can trust to thrill your audience from start to finish - with original insights, laugh-out-loud humor, relevant examples and inspiring stories that motivate them to act?
Work with Sam and the IA team to position, message and craft your presentations, books and priority projects so they win buy-in from your target audience and decision-makers.
Want to create intriguing, one-of-a-kind ideas, projects and communications? Our books, videos and e-learning products show you how.
Want recent insights, examples and action steps on how to create interest, earn respect and connect with anyone? Our blogs (often featured in Fast Company, Inc.com, etc.) show how.